Who we are.

REAL is the trusted system of record & intelligence for real estate teams. By centralizing records, delivering clear insights, and optimizing workflows with AI, REAL gets your real estate team’s efficiency soaring.

Friendly and
Collaborative UI

Say hello to our intuitive Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) interface. We’ve upgraded from static SQL queries to dynamic dashboards that facilitate more efficient collaboration in REAL-time with your team.

Unparalleled Speed

Our agile AI integrations carry out advanced data processing in REAL-time. As a result, users can instantly extract data, conduct key analyses, and receive dynamic responses to natural language queries. The immense value is clear right out of the box.

Uncompromised Security

With isolated customer environments for enhanced privacy, advanced encryption, including vector metadata and customizable security protocols with 2FA and SAML support, REAL takes extra steps to protect your data.


Hila Nir

Founder & CEO

Nir Keren

Founder & CTO

Massive Data into Actionable Intelligence

REAL extracts first-party and public information to build a centralized data lake. From there, you can simply ask your personal virtual employee any natural language query. Whether that’s answering a specific question, generating a report, creating a presentation, customizing a dashboard, or beyond, REAL Dev makes AI-powered data management possible for your real estate portfolio.