Optimize your entire real estate portfolio

Take your ROI up a notch by bringing your revenue streams, occupancy, operational costs, and overall financial health into focus. With REAL, you can track and analyze the data that matters most.

Tap into cloud-based portfolio management

Manage your facility data anytime, anywhere. With our unified cloud-based platform, you can maintain a comprehensive view of your portfolio. Whether that’s finance data, operational workflows, facility details, or beyond, smarter and more strategic management starts here.

Prepare your portfolio
for the unexpected

Don’t settle for analytics alone. Our strategic scenario planning capability helps future-proof your portfolio with your evolving business requirements.

Maximize profits

Reduce inefficient spending while maximizing each property’s earning potential.

Stay up-to-date

Maintain an accurate depiction of your current assets and how they're being used.

Plan proactively

Leverage REAL-time data to keep your portfolio thriving well into the future.