Manage your
leases with ease

Tackle lease administration with the full power of AI.
From managing dates to monitoring obligations and everything in between, REAL helps you quickly navigate even the most complex leases and contracts without skipping a beat.

Say hello to more efficient lease abstracts

Instant Abstraction

Convert your leases into easy-to-understand documents in seconds without the manual effort.

Precision and Clarity

Access the information you need upfront with absolute precision, even for complex contracts.

Custom Fields

Discover tailored insights by customizing your lease abstracts with the fields of your choosing.

“ REAL's platform is a game-changer in commercial
real estate.

“ It seamlessly integrates AI to enhance data accuracy and eliminate manual work. REAL ensures up-to-date, accurate data with minimal effort.”

Benjamin Bragdon

Director, Real Estate Systems & Lease Administration

TAG – The Aspen Group

All of your contracts, all in one place.

REAL goes beyond organization alone by tracking the key data you need in one unified system. Don’t lose track of another company lease, facilities agreement, or maintenance contract ever again.

Save countless hours

Stay up-to-date with the latest information without tedious data entry or human error.

Avoid costly slips

Dodge expensive errors with timely alerts for crucial deadlines and seamless property scheduling.

Elevate your productivity

Stay on the same page as your team with consistent data on one collaborative platform.