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    “The REAL game-changer with REAL is its ability to turn portfolio queries into natural language answers and request complex reports with instant, accurate responses, making it feel like I have a virtual assistant at my fingertips. REAL has the potential to decrease real estate expenses by 20% every year.”

    Ken Ziff

    Vice President, Real Estate Operations DCA

    “The potential of REAL to enhance operational efficiency and streamline portfolio management is unmistakable. Looking ahead, I anticipate it could contribute to an annual profit increase of more than 10% for its customers, thanks to its AI-driven insights that are far ahead of what’s currently available in the market.”

    Matthew Canter

    Senior Director, Transactional Real Estate EY

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    Why REAL?

    Easy to navigate UI

    Connecting you to REAL insight and results with an intuitive UI for immediate value.

    Faster workflows

    Accelerating through tedious and time-consuming tasks through natural language queries.

    Safe & secure

    Protecting your data and privacy through advanced encryption and custom security protocols.

    Optimized revenue

    Driving meaningful ROI by maximizing earnings and minimizing expenses across your portfolio.

    Future-proof planning

    Turning first-party and third-party data into proactive insight to sharpen your competitive edge.

    Less manual work

    Automating even the most complex tasks and reports to put hours back into your schedule.