Make operational excellence your standard

REAL blends cutting-edge technology with advanced analytics to make modern real estate management a breeze. Whether that’s expense management, occupancy optimization, or pricing comparisons for more cost-effective decision-making, we’ve got you covered.

Maintain optimal occupancy

With proactive insights, you can maximize the efficiency and earning potential of your properties.

Strategic Planning: Leverage occupancy data to make informed decisions about expanding, downsizing, or optimizing your property portfolio.

Cost reductions: Generate laser-focused reports that showcase exactly where you can reduce costs across your properties.

Compare and analyze expenses over any time period.

Trend Analysis

Whether for a specific property, region, or asset type, REAL leans on insight across any time period to make sense of cost increases or decreases.

Budget forecasts

For budget planning, allocation decisions, and more, REAL uses historical data to accurately forecast future expenses.

Expense comparisons

To amplify your negotiation power, REAL compares expenses in seconds across properties, geographies, or asset types.

Improve visibility and controls

With centralized contract data and analytics across geographies and contract types.

Increase negotiation effectiveness

With AI-powered decision support and full comparison across geographies and asset types.

Streamline Liabilities and Reimbursements

With AI navigation across contracts, and automated, detailed reporting.