Meet REAL — Your personal AI real estate analyst

It’s time to turn your real estate data into decisions. That’s where REAL comes in. From analyzing your expenses to generating reports and much more, REAL offers instant answers to your natural language questions.

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With REAL, insight across your entire portfolio is just one question away, including global reports, property-specific inquiries, and everything in between.

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Skip straight to the data you need without creating any charts or spreadsheets. With REAL, you can put hours back into your schedule.

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Curious about your occupancy rates? Need to know your sublease options? REAL provides fast and reliable answers at any time, around the clock.

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Understand your costs and pay only for what’s necessary. REAL empowers you to make cost-effective decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Get REAL results at your fingertips

With all your properties, contracts, and data in one place, REAL has you covered.

Here are a few sample queries you can request:

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