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Position Summary

REAL, a pioneer in integrating AI with real estate, is looking for a Backend Engineer to fortify our engineering backbone. Our engineering team is not just about coding; it's about pioneering solutions and pushing the envelope in technological innovation. As a Backend Engineer, you will develop and sustain the backbone of our applications—creating, deploying, and maintaining microservices using Node.js (Typescript) and Python. Your work will be integral to our collaborative efforts, linking arms with frontend engineers to meld server-side prowess with user-centric interfaces.

Key Responsibilities

  • Engineer and uphold backend microservices with Node.js (Typescript) and Python, focusing on performance and maintainability.
  • Foster synergy between frontend and backend aspects, ensuring cohesive and robust application performance.
  • Influence and partake in architectural evolution, driving system robustness and scalability.
  • Administer backend services architecture on AWS, harnessing the Cloud Development Kit (CDK) for effective infrastructure management.


  • 1-2 years of solid experience as a Backend Engineer, with a command of Node.js (Typescript) and Python.
  • A clear understanding of microservices architecture and its implementation.
  • Comfort with AWS CDK and familiarity with the broader landscape of cloud technologies.
  • Practical experience with relational databases, such as Postgres or MySQL, is essential.
  • Any experience with DevOps practices, especially within AWS environments using tools like Terraform and CDK, would be advantageous.

What We Offer

  • A role with the potential to grow and challenge your technical skill set.
  • The chance to contribute meaningfully to a company that's changing the face of corporate real estate through technology.
  • A team environment that values collaboration, innovation, and creative problem-solving.

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